Class 2 : The commuters

A Microlight pendular is an aircraft supported by a rigid wing (hang gliding type) under which is usually hung a motorized carriage. It meets the following technical conditions :
· The maximum continuous power is less than or equal to 45 kW for single-seaters and 60 kW for two-seater.

· The maximum mass is less than or equal to 300 kg for single-seaters and 450 kg for two-seaters. These masses can be increased by 5% in the case where U.L.M. is equipped with a reserve parachute and 10% in the case where the U.L.M. is equipped with floats. These increases are not cumulative.
· The stall speed is less than or equal to 65 km / h or the wing load at the maximum weight is less than 30kg / m2.